Q. How often do dues have to be paid?
A. Dues are to be paid annually. We offer our members the option to pay for 1, 2, or 3 years at a time.

Q. How much are the dues?
A. Annual dues are $195.00, two years is $355.00, and three years is $500.00.

Q. I am already a member, why do I need to send another application?
A. We require an application annually to update our member directory.

Q. Can I pay with a credit card?
A. Yes. Follow this link to pay with your credit/debit card at our secured site.

Q. Where do I send my check?
A. ALLDocs c/o Fox Eye Care Group, 3509 Haworth Drive, Suite 208, Raleigh, NC 27609

Q. Can I pay at the meeting?
A. For record keeping purposes, we prefer that you pay prior to the meeting, however checks will be accepted at the meeting.

Q. Do I have to be an owner to join?
A. At the present time, we require our members to be leaseholding doctors.

Q. What is ALLDocs?
A. ALLDocs is an acronym for the Association of Leaseholding LensCrafters Doctors. It was formed in 1986 as an independent group of Optometrists in a unique but similar circumstance. The idea was to encourage networking, the exchange of ideas, and professional and business education specific to practicing next to LensCrafters. We can help you provide the best ocular healthcare, help stimulate practice growth, and help promote professional satisfaction. (See our mission statement)

Q. What is the ALLDocs mission statement?
A. Our four-statement mission is:

  • To enhance the professional and financial aspects of member’s practices
  • To establish excellent working relationships with LensCrafters
  • To establish excellent relationships with our vendor/partners
  • To support the One-Sight program

Q. Who are sponsors for ALLDocs?
A. Follow this link to the page that lists our current sponsors and any discounts/deals that they may be offering to our members.

Q. I want to contact another member, but I don’t remember his or her contact information. 
A. Please email hkreidler@foxeyecare.com for additional information.

Q. Who makes the airline reservations?
A. A member is responsible for scheduling and paying for their flight. For your scheduling assistance Kim Collings is available at 800.218.9097 or email her at kimcollings@cinci.rr.com

Q. When and where are the meetings?
A. The annual meeting is usually held in October or November since those are historically slow times in the office for optometrists. It also allows us to go to some of the finest properties in the world at a lower cost.

Q. I have never been to a meeting, what goes on there?
A. There are lectures, usually offering COPE-approved CE, and information is shared relating to our business needs next to Lencrafters, along with recreational and social events.

Q. I am not an ALLDocs member, am I able to attend the meeting?
A. Yes. The COPE-approved continuing education we offer is available to anyone who would like to attend, for a fee. Since you are not an ALLDocs member, you would not be eligible for the meeting rebate and certain meetings/events.

Q. What is included at the meeting?
A. Much of what is included at the meeting depends on the venue and is subject to change. Please contact the administrator for additional information.

Q. Can I bring my spouse/children to the meeting?
A. We welcome all “significant others” at our meetings and they are welcome to attend the events and excursions. There may be times that we will be at an “adults only” resort, but we will usually be able to book a “sister resort” for families.